Friday, June 12, 2009

The last Day of Analog TV

It was a little confusing when, exactly analog TV would go off the air. Last night on the 6 PM news, KPIX (our Bay Area CBS affiliate) said it would be midnight today. The NBC affiliate channel 11 KNTV said it would be noon today.
Sure enough at noon, when I took my radios outside which receive the VHF TV band, I discovered that everyone else was still on the air, except channel 11. They were actually still on the air, but were running through their library of ads, infomercials and PSAS about DTV. They had several local informational shows and interspersed with this national broadcasts -- each running from 2 to 5 minutes in length, all designed to help the novice sort through the DTV options. These were all videos I'd seen before, so I knew they were running through their library. I also called my husband who confirmed that on the digital channel 11 they were showing "Deal Or No Deal". There were about five different back-to-back videos on how to connect your converter box.

I'm pleased that channel 11 took the lead on educating the public, and rerunning all these educational casts is sure a good idea before they go off the air for good. Since I was actually just listening and not watching, (no reason for a blind person to drag a TV to work after all!) I can't swear that the pictures were the same as the audio, but it's a pretty good guess that they were. It would have been nice to hook up a VCR and record all this -- wonder if it will be valuable one hundred years from now like some of those ancient recordings of OTR.

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