Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Unable to Access Google from Cisco

Cisco Systems is a business park complex in itself, a sprawling multiplicity of buildings on Tasman avenue. 

It's also on my paratransit route home; we frequently pick up workers in wheelchairs there.

It's my afternoon commute, and here I am in a Cisco parking lot waiting for my driver to locate our next passenger, load him and strap his scooter down. 

And would you believe it; there are forty-nine -- count em, forty-nine active wi-fi access points. Most of course are locked, but a few have an SSID of
"Welcome Guest" or something similar. 

Being an enforced guest on the Cisco campus rather regularly, there DHCP servers have seen my little laptop before. But today, the famous router company
seems to be blocking all access to google. Is this an April fools thing I wonder! 

The Beta Version of My Ebay

Tonight, when trying to pay for a won item, I noticed that Ebay has a beta version of My Ebay, which is only marginally accessible. When I selected the "Buy Now" link, nothing happened that JAWS could discern. I was able to "opt out" of the beta version, and as soon as ebay reverted back to the original My Ebay screen, the Buy Now link worked as expected.
Paypal was behaving a little funky as well. It insisted that I add a new funding source, and when I provided details for my old, tried-and-true credit card, it kept complaining that I needed to use the "update" button instead of the choice to add a new card. But it only offered the choice to add a new card.
At this point, I summoned my sighted husband, who verified that there was no update button. He didn't even get grumppy about me spending over $100 on a Braille Lite -- wht a sweet guy!

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